The monthly traffic feature, which is sometimes also identified as bandwidth or data transfer, identifies the total volume of information which can be uploaded to your cloud website hosting account and downloaded from it monthly. Your site traffic is produced primarily by website visits - when someone finds your web site, the webpages they view are downloaded from your hosting server to his / her computer system or mobile device and they are shown by the browser. What counts for the site traffic generated is the size of these pages, consequently the more site visitors you get for some period of time, the more site traffic will be generated. Along with the site visits, file uploads are also counted towards the total monthly transfer this means that every time you upload site content or some other files with a file manager or an FTP software, they'll also produce some site traffic. The counter resets on the first day of each and every month and it's not related to the date you have subscribed or the date you've renewed your web hosting package.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Website Hosting
Our cloud website hosting plans are perfect for any type of small-scale to medium-sized web site and even a larger number of websites. Considering that you can host different domains from a single account, we have designed our packages in such a way so as to provide all of the functions you may need. No matter if you run a personal portfolio web site or an eCommerce site, our monthly traffic allowance that your web site can use won't be a holdback. Thus, you will have the possibility to extend your online presence and acquire a large number of new site visitors without worrying about getting to some limit. Our Hepsia hosting Control Panel will provide you with comprehensive info related to the traffic usage to and from your account, which will enable you to take care of your websites and the account more efficiently. You can view hourly, daily and monthly stats, the traffic generated by each individual domain and by the account altogether, the most downloaded files, etc.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers
Considering the fact that our semi-dedicated hosting plans are quite effective, we've decided not to set a restriction for the monthly traffic that a given account can produce. It is our understanding that if you buy a hosting package that features a lot of computing power, your web sites will probably have many visitors and given that every single visitor makes a part of the traffic, one may end up having inaccessible web sites if there is a limit for this particular feature. With truly unlimited website traffic, you can be sure this cannot happen. For your convenience, you will be able to monitor the data being downloaded along with the site traffic that is generated for each domain with monthly, daily and hourly numbers that will inform you on how popular your web sites are. You will be able to even view individual web pages and files that have generated most of the website traffic in your semi-dedicated account.
Monthly Traffic in VPS Servers
The monthly traffic allowance that you will get with our VPS plans is enough for any type of website and it is proportionate to all the rest of the system resources that are included with each package. Using a more powerful server, you will be able to manage numerous websites or a few really popular websites, thus the traffic allocation for the higher plans is also superior. When you select a low-end VPS package, you'll be able to upgrade anytime with several mouse-clicks via your billing Control Panel and then the supplementary resources will be added to your existing account, which includes the increased site visitors quota. All the VPS accounts include a server management panel where you have the option to keep track of the used and remaining traffic for the current month as well as all of the other system resources. Furthermore, we send notifications when you reach 90% of your limit, so you'll have sufficient time to react and update if you find it necessary.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers
With a dedicated server, you'll have a very powerful web hosting solution at your disposal and the website traffic allowance that you will get suits all the other features. Your server will be able to generate terabytes of website traffic every month, therefore regardless of the kind or number of sites that you host, you'll never have to worry for them being not reachable due to not sufficient site traffic. To be on the safe side though, we'll give you the opportunity to update this feature if required. We will notify you in advance if you get close to the limit, so you will have the option to upgrade or lower the traffic by optimizing your info in order to avoid any interruption of the work of your websites. You are able to view the consumed and remaining website traffic for the current month via the control panel that we supply. The info there includes all the incoming as well as all the outgoing transfers, which includes software setups and / or updates. In contrast, a hosting Control Panel can give more detailed data, however only for the website traffic to and from a web host account, not your server altogether.